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07 Mar

Circle Jerks – Group Sex LP mixed color vinyl

This weekend it will be time to change the clocks ahead so it will no longer get dark out before you get home from work/school and along with the changing of the clocks comes the changing of the colors… of vinyl. Frontier Records, home of some of the greatest early punk rock album of all [...]

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11 Nov

Adolescents – Welcome to Reality mixed color vinyl

Way back in the 1980s I got an Adolescents 7″ in a record trade from a good friend of mine. This single was called Welcome to Reality and it quickly became one of my favorite singles at the time and is a record that still gets played regularly whenever I’m listening to old punk records [...]

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06 Nov

Government Issue – GI5 vinyl reissue

Government Issue was one of the two longest running punk rock bands from Washington DC (Fugazi being the other one) and they were certainly one of the best bands to ever come from that area. The band was rare in the fact that they got better as the years progressed while most bands got worse [...]

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06 Jul

The Clash – Black Market Clash vinyl reissue

Way back in October 1980, Epic Records in America released an EP that collected a bunch of Clash songs that weren’t available on any releases domestically. This EP was a 10″ vinyl record that was part of Epic’s line of EP’s called Nu-Disk. Cheap Trick was another notable band to have a 10″ on Epic [...]

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29 Jun

Suicidal Tendencies LP smoke colored vinyl

Much like the changing of wardrobes from winter to summer clothes, the Suicidal Tendencies LP (I’m talking about the only Suicidal Tendencies LP that matters, the first one) went and got itself all dolled up for the summer time. This new color is easily one of the best looking variations that this LP has ever [...]

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04 May

Section 25 – Always Now vinyl reissue

Section 25 was a post-punk style band from the UK that formed in the late 1970s. They quickly became label mates with Joy Division on Factory Records which was no coincidence as the two bands shared a somewhat similar sound. Section 25 put out one 7″ before recording their debut LP, Always Now, which was [...]

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01 May

The Exploited – Troops of Tomorrow vinyl reissue

The Exploited were quite prolific in their early years. In the same year as their debut LP was released they also released a live album and the following year, 1982, saw them release another new studio album, Troops of Tomorrow. Just like the first album, this one was also originally released by Secret Records. Musically the [...]

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01 Apr

Motörhead first LP vinyl reissue

In 1983 Chiswick Records (who had the good taste to sign The Damned after they left Stiff) released the first Motörhead LP and a metal/rock and roll institution was born that still lives on today. Motörhead is one of the longest running metal bands in history and they were certainly one of the more influential [...]

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31 Mar

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Smashed Hits vinyl reissue

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry was a band that formed in the UK in 1981 and lasted about ten years in various incarnations before calling it a day back in 1991. In their wake they left a bunch of singles and a couple of albums. Their first two albums did so well for being on a [...]

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25 Mar

Adolescents LP turquoise vinyl

Spring means spring cleaning and there was some cleaning going on over at the pressing plant. They cleaned out the plates of the old color of the first Adolescents LP on Frontier Records and they poured in a brand new color just in time for Easter. Much like the Circle Jerks LP I wrote about [...]

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