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18 Mar

Pussy Riot Update: Incarcerated Punks Recognized as Political Prisoners

They’re being recognized as a feminist punk rock collective, an exciting punk rock force and possibly the second coming of Riot Grrrl. Now members of Pussy Riot have the dubious distinction of adding that title of “political prisoner” to their resumes.

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16 Feb

Free Punk MP3s from Pussy Riot, Plus an update on the Aceh Punks

They’ve been grabbing headlines for their unsanctioned performance in Moscow’s Red Square, which lead to their arrests.

They’re the feminist collective known as Pussy Riot, and they’re on their way to becoming a volatile force in political punk and quite possibly the second coming of Read Full Post Punk Music

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03 Jan

Commentsment Update

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02 Nov

Bored Youth update

This classic Underrated band where from detroit ,and this is i think their 81 demo released by L+F,in a set of 5 eps in a black box,if i can remember the others where WHITE FLAG-within you without you ep/IMPATIENT YOUTH frontline ep/UNITED MUTATION insanity,kyo ep/MEATMEN now we,ll make lots of pals ep+BORED YOUTH touch and go ep,my BORED YOUTH is on green,all the others are on coloured vinyl too,,I have an amazing Bored Youth rhsal from the same year..Killer band.
October 15, 2007 1:31 PM

jmpw said…
Bored Youth was 4 suburban kids from West Bloomfield, Michigan- a suburb of Detroit. The singer was Rob Michaels who is now a lawyer in Chicago. There were two brothers- John and Robert Katz. Robert commited suicide in his first year of college at U of M. Robert and Rob were students there and graduated from HS in 1982. John graduated in ’83. You can get a some background info from the Swindle Issue no. 12. I can’t remember much about the drummer.
December 18, 2007 7:44 PM

stinky82 said…
hey guys,thanx for the info…Andy, how about up-ing that demo somewhere?
February 27, 2009 11:58 AM

torinokuchi said…
drummer was (is) Fred Ingam. Just spoke to him moments ago and he’s amazed at the amount of bored youth stuff on the internet. One of their best, if not the best show was with the misfits at the Freezer Theater on Cass in Detroit in the early eighties. It was a multiple bill with the meatmen, necros, the Mcdonalds, NA and maybe L7? Long time ago, hard to remember exactly. Freezer was a great place to see bands of that era.

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06 Apr

Blitzkrieg update

Hey I play drums for the new Blitzkrieg. and i can probably find out what you need to know from chris the only original member in the bandif you make me a lil list of shit to ask ill get a list of answers back for youive got lest we forget ep atm as ive got to learn some of the old songs for our current tours -Tom there and chris will answer u

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