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18 Mar

Pussy Riot Update: Incarcerated Punks Recognized as Political Prisoners

They’re being recognized as a feminist punk rock collective, an exciting punk rock force and possibly the second coming of Riot Grrrl. Now members of Pussy Riot have the dubious distinction of adding that title of “political prisoner” to their resumes.

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16 Mar

Russian Religious Official Issues a Decree that Pussy Riot is not Punk

They’ve been branded as dissidents, and heretics, proclaimed as political prisoners and declared to be the next wave of Riot Grrrl. The one thing that nobody has called Pussy Riot is “not punk.”

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07 Mar

Incarcerated Members of Pussy Riot Declare Hunger Strike

The members of the feminist punk rock collective Pussy Riot are still managing to cause a stir from behind bars. It’s now being reported that, following their questioning on Monday, two of the Pussy Riot collective currently in custody and mothers of small children, declared that they were going on hunger strike.

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02 Mar

Political groups announce patrols to keep Pussy Riot out of Moscow’s Christian Orthodox Churches

In the wake of Pussy Riot’s protest performance inside Christ the Savior Cathedral, city police have opened up case against the band on charges of hooliganism, which carries the penalty of up to seven years in prison.

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16 Feb

Free Punk MP3s from Pussy Riot, Plus an update on the Aceh Punks

They’ve been grabbing headlines for their unsanctioned performance in Moscow’s Red Square, which lead to their arrests.

They’re the feminist collective known as Pussy Riot, and they’re on their way to becoming a volatile force in political punk and quite possibly the second coming of Read Full Post Punk Music

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24 Oct

Riot Fest 2011: Weezer at Congress Theater 10/9/11

Sunday marked the last night of Riot Fest which was an action packed and exhausting week where memories are made and sometimes reunions both in bands and friends take place. This year the closing of Riot Fest saw a rather unorthodox show by Riot Fest standards by having Weezer headline the last night of Congress [...]

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24 Oct

Riot Fest 2011: Secret show with Marky Ramone

After the Weezer show let out (and the 7 Seconds show over at Bottom Lounge) there was just one event left for this year’s Riot Fest and it was the last of the secret shows. This show was being held at the AAA building in Wicker Park which was only a few minutes down the [...]

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11 Oct

Riot Fest 2011 day one: X at Bottom Lounge 10/5/11

October in Chicago can only mean one thing (not including halloween): Riot Fest! Riot Fest is celebrating its sixth birthday this year and it started the festivities last night at the Bottom Lounge. This evening was a special one for old punk rock fans as the legendary Los Angeles punk/rock band, X, returned to the [...]

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09 Oct

Riot Fest 2011 day two: Social Distortion at Congress Theater 10/6/11

Riot Fest continued last night and kicked into high gear giving people a choice between going to Congress Theater and Bottom Lounge. They even had a shuttle bus going between the two venues at one point for people who wanted to head over to catch the other show. The show at the Congress Theater featured [...]

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28 Jun

Riot Fest Announces a Misfits reunion, plus an eastward expansion

For years, the Chicago Riot Fest has been the best punk festival in the Midwest. This year, the 2011 Riot Fest Lineup looks bigger than ever, so big that the festival had to expand to another city several states away to try and contain it.

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