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18 Mar

Pussy Riot Update: Incarcerated Punks Recognized as Political Prisoners

They’re being recognized as a feminist punk rock collective, an exciting punk rock force and possibly the second coming of Riot Grrrl. Now members of Pussy Riot have the dubious distinction of adding that title of “political prisoner” to their resumes.

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16 Feb

Free Punk MP3s from Pussy Riot, Plus an update on the Aceh Punks

They’ve been grabbing headlines for their unsanctioned performance in Moscow’s Red Square, which lead to their arrests.

They’re the feminist collective known as Pussy Riot, and they’re on their way to becoming a volatile force in political punk and quite possibly the second coming of Read Full Post Punk Music

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30 Dec

“A World On Fire” – A story about Gutter Punks published in the Boston Review

The Boston Review just published Danelle Morton’s story A World on Fire: Life and Death in a New Orleans Squat on the squat fire that claimed the lives of 10 gutter punks in New Orleans in 2010.

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20 Dec

Indonesian Punks Arrested and Sent to Rehabilitation Camp

While it’s never fashionable in punk rock to make overt displays of patriotism, there are times where one involved in the punk scene has cause to be proud of where they live.

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17 Aug

Tour Dates: Pop Punk’s Not Dead

If there was any question about pop punk being dead, this tour answers it. That’s why it’s appropriately called the Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour!

The lineup and dates have been announced for this year’s tour, and it’s solid. Consisting of New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, The Wonder Years, Man Overboard and This Time Next Year, the tour showcases some of the best old and new names in the genre.

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