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18 Mar

Punk Persecution in Iraq: Baghdad’s Emo Murders

While the situation with punk in Aceh and Burma has heated up, with punks facing criminal persecution, it doesn’t compare with the situation in Iraq, where punks in Baghdad are being singled out for murder for adopting western punk and emo fashions.

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16 Mar

Russian Religious Official Issues a Decree that Pussy Riot is not Punk

They’ve been branded as dissidents, and heretics, proclaimed as political prisoners and declared to be the next wave of Riot Grrrl. The one thing that nobody has called Pussy Riot is “not punk.”

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29 Feb

Two punk legends to double team Reggies this Thursday!

This coming Thursday night, two members of legendary first-wave punk bands along with a member of a legendary new-wave/pop band will join forces at Reggies to play two sets of their punk hits. Glen Matlock was the original bass player for the Sex Pistols. He was the bass player that could actually play his bass [...]

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16 Feb

Free Punk MP3s from Pussy Riot, Plus an update on the Aceh Punks

They’ve been grabbing headlines for their unsanctioned performance in Moscow’s Red Square, which lead to their arrests.

They’re the feminist collective known as Pussy Riot, and they’re on their way to becoming a volatile force in political punk and quite possibly the second coming of Read Full Post Punk Music

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13 Jan

Many new arrivals in the Punk Vault Store

The store was just updated with a bunch of rare old punk records, a rare Motorhead flexi, some long out of print color variations of Spontaneous Combustion Records releases (JFA/Faction, Government Issue, and The Cheifs), and some brand new t-shirts. Check it out right here and please spread the word.

The Punk Vault

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03 Jan

Free Punk MP3 – Wookie Mama – “Warning”

I have this weakness for getting my hair cut at places named after songs. Back in Detroit, I got my hair cut at a place called London Calling. Here is Amsterdam, my hair allegiance has switched to a place called Oh, You Pretty Things.

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23 Dec

Free Punk MP3: Electric Six – “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”

The holidays are fast approaching, but are you having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit? Perhaps you’re feeling a bit… Grinchy?

If so, Detroit’s disco-garage rockers have a special present for you – their cover of the classic holiday tune “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” recorded for the A.V. Club at The Onion.

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22 Dec

Free Punk MP3s: Sober Dave and the Snowmen – ‘It’s a Sober Christmas’ EP

While we’re not sure if yesterday’s download of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” by the Electric Six did what it needed to get you all into the holiday spirit, but we’re not taking any chances. Today we’re following it up with four free punk rock holiday tunes, courtesy of Sober Dave and the Snowmen.

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11 Dec

Free Punk MP3: The Dead Milkmen – “Fauxhemia”

If you’ve not yet picked up the Dead Milkmen’s The King In Yellow, you can give one song a trial run with the free download of “Fauxhemia.” A Minutemen-inspired blast of noise where the band admits that they simply don’t Norah Jones, it’s one of the best tracks on a pretty stellar record that marks their first release in 16 years.

You can download it below:

Dead Milkmen – “Fauxhemia” MP3

You can read the review of The King In Yellow here.

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01 Dec

Punk Music For Kids

As a new entry to the realm of the class known as the “punk rock parent,” there are a lot of concerns to deal with. There are bottles and diapers, lack of sleep and learning to soothe crying. And of course there is the concern with finding music that is tolerable for the grownups and suitable for the little one.

Thankfully in this last situation, a large number of punk musicians have taken aim at the world of kids’ music, and in order to prevent punk parents from years of pain created by listening to music supplied by animated characters or people in animal suits, have created some great punk albums for kids.

Here are some of our favorite punk albums and artists for kids.

Photo – ©Asian Man Records

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