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25 Feb

Playing Along — now in print!

I’ve been so busy with the new semester that I failed to announce my own book launch! Playing Along: Digital Games, YouTube, and Virtual Performance was published earlier this month by Oxford University Press. Here’s the official publisher page and the Amazon page (available for Kindle!). The awesome cover design is by Benjamin Shaykin.

playing along

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21 Nov

Blessthefall announces that they “plan on playing the Warped Tour this year”

Beau Bokan, frontman for Phoenix, AZ post-hardcore band Blessthefall has announced that his band will be on Warped Tour this summer.

In an interview with Noisecreep, where Bokan discussed his engagement to Canadian electro artist (and Warped Tour alum) Lights, he discussed the wedding date, saying:

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26 Jun

Warped Tour starts tomorrow, and here are all the local acts who’ll be playing…

As most you may be aware, a little thing called to 2011 Vans Warped Tour, starts tomorrow in Dallas (the Dallas lineup is here)

, and you’re probably aware that the …

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21 Apr

Playing the guitar ‘Electric’

should I recently learned, thought a very important lesson and like all good teaching, I, this is something that I share in case anyone help for the same error.
This is a long story, but it is the journey not the destination.
I’m fine with the guitar. Das) is a statement not a want to listen to me because often in modesty, but I think I’m fine (oops, I said it again. Now I’m not Jimi Hendrix, but rather to a Brain Keith / Mick / Ron or IzzySlash and so I should be, after playing the darn thing for over twenty years. The fact is that I have learned a lot of tricks over the years and turned into a decent band, but there was one thing that I remember and check out many videos on YouTube, I noticed I am not alone. Some people never learn to play guitar ‘Electric’ part of an electric motor .. For example, the AMP! For me its more important than the pickups, strings and even those tapping solos.
MyHistory is not unusual. I got my first guitar when I was in school and it was terrible .. really terrible. You had to take a taxi from the strings on your keyboard to capture and that was just the first key. But if you think that was bad, you should see … the amp had a speaker box and a few transistors and turning very individual guitar “sound.” I still have the guitar, but I’m sure that the amplifier in a landfill somewhere in the south-east London.
Howeverafter discovering that you have the desire and dedication, if not for the God-given talent to be better, I upgraded my equipment slowly. The updates are all in line with the increase of my income from my young career in the real world with the debut of odd around and light hand on the road (we all find a way to get the guitar later) before my professional of the ‘rig’. Now, I thought it was still professional. Basically, two Fender guitars, a lotBoss pedals and a Peavey Classic 12 2 x 50th Now you can probably already see the emerging problem, 80% of the value of my investment has been for the Guitar!
Now, this is not a bad thing .. not at all, and I’m quite happy to have read everything and say, ‘Tone Heads “Thoughts on’ running ‘it. Backs, sucking sound wired pedals, amplifiers, non-hand, etc. etc. His tone is your tone period … If a big sound, does not really matter how you got there and probably would have been open JimiMy first amp and guitar sound like heaven on earth if he tried. However, everyone says that his great hand-wired boutique all have finished, right? It ‘just more fun and makes it much easier.
Anyway, rant over. I wanted to “pro rig” was large and had just me, but also (and this is the real point), was the trip that I had that rig, put the really important. I knew every inch of controls, such as touch-sensitive, the whole thing was. If I have to play soft,I knew how. If I rock I knew what buttons to press. I was “one” with the whole body.
Then, like many of us happen to everyday life and work, which was only there to support my music career, has suddenly become my career. I could not practice more than 4 hours, jam three times a week and the weekend show every day. I was too late, work and study on weekends. This led to me almost gave up playing in all transformed almost a year!
Rescuers have beenHand though. I ended up with a job that is sent not only good, but pay me to America for weeks at a time, with nothing to do in the evenings and on weekends. Now, with more money and Tin Pan close ally who could go two ways. Fortunately, my addiction GAS (guitar acquisition syndrome for those who do not know). However, I was alone and without a band, so there was no need for an amplifier. That took some time .. Years in fact. I’m just back in the saddleconditions and to practice my touch and technique was really good. At least I thought.
So me and the boys of the old band bury hatchet and newly formed (hey, if all the other bands of the nineties can do against it, because you can not) and I had to buy a booster!
Oh my what to do. Well, the difference this time was three times. 1) I thought I knew what it was all about, 2) I have more money than before, and 3) do not have Internet!
In 1992 there was no information to tell me that I can buy a hand-wiredAmplification by these manufacturers here and there with this guy, this boutique pedal. I could even current models made by hand from the West Coast in the United States. In fact, my system is basically supposed to be just what the local guitar store provided. Okay, I admit I live in London, so it was not that bad (I was able to choose two Fender after all), but I was very, shall we say, “concentrate”.
I decided with the help of my online “friends” that I needed a hand wired 18 watt Plexi clone 2x10Combo. Again do not get me wrong, this amp is incredible, but the problem is, I had no idea how to play.
What I had not, I had forgotten how to play with an amplifier. I took it for granted that because I learned once again the guitar amp, I would be able to play only.
First, I had taken to arrive not reflect the way for the perfect amp for me.
Two: I have never had a hand-wired tube amplifier played. I had no idea how sensitive it would be.
Three: the feel andTechnique I had developed a solid body guitar sounds great acoustically, which basically means, in the sense that you play really hard. Put that with a hand wired amp and get aggressive and abrasive, which can be cool, but not what I was looking for.
So I thought, ok, so I have a great guitar, I have the chops and now I have an amazing amp that cost 5 times what my so-called “Rig Pro ‘amp I, the sound.
The truth is that I felt terrible. How canbe! I can play. Yep. The guitar is brilliant. Yep. Law as it is the amp then. Well, this is easily repaired should I buy another.
So I … But what to buy? Now my sound was too aggressive and distorted, so I need to remove the Fender clean sound. So I bought a very expensive hand-wired Custom Shop Fender amp and I was still the same problem. Arrghh! So I decided to buy sales, and I had to think of something else (the credit crisis had happened at this timeso do not buy more!), which is good, but I would have lost 20% + value on each amplifier just used both.
So I was clear of costly mistakes, so I put my two amps amps up the ice and to rent from the local study and decided to hope, that I like to come. At this time my band played every week and I felt better and I was curious to see the amp sound really good holiday. I had a Marshall JCM 800 regularly, so I started to believethis is the amp so I needed all I had to do was sell my amp and a guitar, and I could get JCM 800.
Luckily I had a moment of reason and decided to try it out again just before the sale at a loss and Plexi wow! Incredible, really the best amp that I had won everything. How could the amp that the aggressive sound dull and lifeless for over a year ago, suddenly seem like the sky?
So I wondered, hmm the amplifier is not changed, not the guitarso changed … He could hear the penny drop on our power is very strong. The realization that I had forgotten how to squeeze the most out of an amplifier was difficult to make, but definitely worth a lesson.
I always read, as an experienced player could come to terms with what they need from a master volume amp, not a sound just by changing their attack and tone controls and volume of the guitar and I thought I was the boy. I was not … I could play a guitarbut not an electric guitar.
So I think that’s saying a fairly long: “Do not forget the amp to” practice. E ‘right there as one of the most important elements in the chain produces a single sound, but its as a tool in their self-perception. Yes Jimi could take my poor old amp and make it sound like the tone of the gods, but he was unique. If you’re in a great vintage clone / style hand wired tube amp does not get remembered as the answerYour Peavey Bandit is necessary to obtain clean practice amp that sounds good and will take time.

Guitar Hero

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06 Apr

playing along

So I finally seem to have settled on a book title that appeals to my editor and the marketing department at Oxford University Press.

Playing Along: Digital Games, YouTube, and Virtual Performance

In honor of this milestone, I’ve changed my blog title to match. Now I just have to finish writing the book. It will include case studies on Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero/Rock Band, and amateur-to-amateur online pedagogy. A few key themes:

* play (obviously)
* practices that compel focused attention/immersion/flow
* practices that bridge virtual and visceral experience
* digital ethnography
* embodied knowledge (and how to transmit it using digital media)
* dispersed participation
* amateurism
* repetition
* creativity as a state of mind (rather than as something that necessarily produces stuff)
* transmission of tradition
* the experiential intersections of gameplay, music-making, and learning

playing along

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